A Crown of Swords (abbreviated as aCoS by fans) is the seventh book of The Wheel of Time. It was published by Tor Books and released on May 15, 1996. It is 880 pages long.

Plot summaryEdit


ACOS book cover

A Crown of Swords has three primary plotlines:


ACoS ebook cover

E-book cover

The e-book of A Crown of Swords was released on April 20th, 2010. The cover, created by Mélanie Delon, depicts Lan saving Nynaeve from drowning. The new e-book cover released around March 2013 is created by Tyler Jacobson and depicts Rand's first meeting with Cadsuane Melaidhrin.

New A Crown of Swords cover

2nd ACoS e-book cover

Statistical AnalysisEdit

See also the full statistical analysis for this book.

A Crown of Swords consists of a prologue and forty-one chapters. These chapters are split up into thirty-one different points of view.

POV % Chapters
Matrim Cauthon 17.77% Ch14, 16, 53% of Ch17, 41% of Ch21, Ch28, 95% of Ch29, and Ch37 through 39
Egwene al'Vere 14.93% Ch 8 through 12
Perrin Aybara 14.00% Ch1 through 6, and Ch27
Rand al'Thor 12.62% Ch7, 18, 33, 34, and 97% of Ch41
Nynaeve al'Meara 6.07% 59% of Ch21, Ch23, 65% of Ch24, and 63% of Ch31
Min Farshaw 5.64% 26% of Ch19, Ch35, and 36
Elayne Trakand 4.24% Ch22, 73% of Ch30, and 37% of Ch31
Sevanna 3.67% 27% of the Prologue, 75% of Ch20 and 28% of Ch40
Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan 3.37% 33% of the Prologue, and 48% of Ch32
Morgase Trakand 2.95% Ch26
Aviendha 2.66% Ch13
Moghedien 1.71% Ch25, and 27% of Ch30
Merana Ambrey 1.39% 67% of Ch19
Jaichim Carridin 1.17% Ch15
Seaine Herimon 1.12% 49% of Ch32
Galina Casban 0.93% 42% of Ch40
Alviarin Freidhen 0.88% 12% of the Prologue, and 3% of Ch32
Pedron Niall 0.80% 12% of the Prologue
Gawyn Trakand 0.68% 10% of the Prologue
Joline Maza 0.53% 21% of Ch17
Reanne Corly 0.53% 35% of Ch24, and 5% of Ch29
Falion Bhoda 0.51% 21% of Ch17
Maeric 0.39% 18% of Ch40
Moridin 0.39% 25% of Ch20
Eamon Valda 0.38% 5% of the Prologue
Graendal 0.19% 8% of Ch40
Cadsuane Melaidhrin 0.15% 7% of Ch19
Noal Charin 0.11% 5% of Ch17
Narrator 0.08% 2% of Ch41
Shaidar Haran 0.08% 4% of Ch40
Quote 0.06% 1% of the Prologue, and 1% of Ch41

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