"Think of the good things on High Chasaline."
   —Perrin Aybara
For the holiday, see High Chasaline.

External summary

<<<   High Chasaline    >>>
Setting: some miles south of Dumai's Wells


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin Aybara is sitting a few miles south of Dumai's Wells and contemplating. Today is High Chasaline, a festival where one should think about the good and happy things in one's life. He finds that very difficult to do. He feels guilty about having led a lot of wolves to their deaths. The Aiel pester him with messages carried by naked Shaido gai'shain. Perrin watches the Tower Aes Sedai under guard by Asha'man and their Warders under guard by Mayeners. The Aes Sedai do their best to ignore the stilled sisters in their midst.

Aram suggests killing the Aes Sedai to take a problem off Rand's shoulders. Perrin forbids him to speak of it again. Jondyn Barran also mentions that it would be better if the Aes Sedai were dead.

Perrin fears that the temporary alliance between Aiel, Cairhienin and Mayeners will soon break apart. The Asha'man and the Wise Ones add their negative feelings towards the Aes Sedai and each other to the situation, too.

Loial is also uneasy with the situation of the Aes Sedai prisoners.








One PowerEdit

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