"Most of soldiering is waiting, when it isn't marching."
   —Gareth Bryne

External summary

<<<   An Oath    >>>
Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp, south of Lugard

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

After waking up before dawn she finds Theodrin Dabei and Faolain Orande in her study tent. They report that no one saw a man around Marigan's tent although some did notice Halima was around. Faolain and Theodrin explain that they are unhappy that most Aes Sedai do not properly support Egwene as their Amyrlin Seat. They swear an oath to serve Egwene.

Egwene spots Myrelle riding by and asks her to wait. Lelaine and Romanda arrive to rant about Delana's proposal to declare that Elaida is Black Ajah. Gareth Bryne arrives and wishes to show Egwene something. Egwene has Siuan fetch horses and when Lelaine and Romanda begin bickering with each other, leaves for a ride with Gareth, Siuan and Myrelle. They discuss the road ahead and what might happen when they reach Tar Valon.







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