"I'll see them safe if I have to stuff them into barrels and haul them to Caemlyn in a cart."
   — Mat's thoughts on Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha and Birgitte

External summary

<<<   White Plumes    >>>
Setting: Ebou Dar and the Silver Circuit

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is at the Silver Circuit to watch the horse races. Mat has Nalesean Aldiaya put all his money on Wind (horse) which is ridden by Olver. Nalesean hands the booker several bags of gold. Juilin Sandar arrives and tells Mat the girls hired a boat and Thom is hiring another to see where they go. Mat scans the crows and one woman catches his attention but he's not sure why. Finally he remembers her as a woman who tried to kill him when he and Rand were making their way to Caemlyn. Wind wins the race which allows Nalesean to collect a large chest of gold while Mat heads out to follow the woman. She stops at a goldsmith's shop so Mat turns in to a ring seller. Mat is encouraged to try on a ring and when the woman starts moving again, the ring won't come off. Mat has to pay and shoves a bunch of coins at the merchant. As he leaves, the ring slips off his finger. She finally enters a small palace and when Mat mutters about who lives there, a scrawny white-haired fellow nearby says 'Carridin'. As Mat ponders the information he now has, the dice start tumbling in his head again.







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