External summary

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Setting: Ebou Dar

Point of view: Jaichim Carridin

Carridin has been stirring up mobs in Altara and Murandy to provide justification for the Children of the Light to restore order. He also has orders to abduct Elayne Trakand out of the Tarasin Palace. He rebukes Shiaine Avarhin for her lack of progress on her assignment to find a stash of ter'angreal. As he looks out the window he spots Mat talking to a white-haired old man. Sammael arrives in his room and he reports spotting Mat outside. Sammael emphasizes that the search is the most important thing Carridin should be working on, the only thing. During their conversation Shiaine is frozen. When Sammael leaves she is startled since Carridin is not in the place he was a moment before, at least to her. Despite his orders he tells Shiaine to focus on finding Mat.







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