"Small increases in chaos are as important as large."
   — Sammael to Graendal

External summary

<<<   Patterns Within Patterns    >>>
Setting: Toward Kinslayer's Dagger, Cairhien, Shayol Ghul

Point of view: Sevanna

Sevanna is sitting with some of the Shaido Wise Ones, two days after the disastrous battle at Dumai's Wells. They decide to use the Callbox ter'angreal they were given. After it is activated Caddar speaks to them through the callbox and Sevanna asks to meet in ten days where they met before. Instead Caddar is able to find their location and to travel there. He brings Maisia with him and pretends that she is under his control. Sevanna was supposed to have Rand and Caddar was going to give them a way to control him. Sevanna asks to have the secret of traveling since they arrived from somewhere else so quickly. He promises to get them some Traveling boxes similar to the callbox for a price.

Point of view: Moridin

Moridin has been watching the meeting between the Wise Ones and Sammael and Graendal. Since he is covered in fancloth, he is essentially invisible.




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