"Min winced. Did he have to sound like a pillow stuffed full of haughty?"

External summary

<<<   Into the Woods    >>>
Setting: Outside Cairhien


Point of view: Min Farshaw

Min sees the recurring image of a vast shadow swallowing many fireflies which represents Rand's battle with the Shadow. She reflects with sadness that a viewing showed that Moiraine was critical to his winning the Last Battle, but she is dead. She has withheld his viewing from Rand. Rand has resolved to visit the rebels, taking only Min even though she recommends taking at least the Asha'man. Rand makes a Gateway and they arrive in an area of light forest.

Caraline Damodred rides in and recognizes him immediately. She complains about the bad things that happen when Rand is around but Min says there is a balance, with as much good as bad. Darlin Sisnera rides up then with several other riders. Caraline introduces them as her distant cousin, Tomas, a minor member of House Trakand, and his wife Jaisi. Darlin wishes to marry Caraline and Min has a viewing that he will get his wish (but not until after a long chase) and become a king also. They return to camp and find several Aes Sedai are also there. Toram Riatin and Padan Fain, going by the name Jeraal Mordeth, are in the tent also. Cadsuane Melaidhrin approaches, asking for an introduction. She expresses displeasure to find Rand there. Min has another viewing and warns Caraline that Daved Hanlon is not to be trusted—he will be responsible for many rapes and murders still to come. Toram approaches them and claims Caraline will be his wife but she finds him repulsive. Toram challenges Rand to duel with practice blades and, despite Min's objections, Rand agrees.









"Any quarrel can be forgiven, but kings never forget."
   —Saying in Tear