"The only way to put an end to it was to kiss her."
   — Perrin Aybara

External summary

<<<   Old Fear, and New Fear    >>>
Setting: Sun Palace in Cairhien


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

As the nobles continue to flee, Perrin joins Faile on the dais in the Grand Hall. She obliquely suggests to Dobraine to kill Colavaere. Dobraine rejects the idea. Perrin insists that Rand wouldn't want anything to happen to Colavaere. Faile is relieved when Perrin reassures her that Rand is on no Aes Sedai leash. They walk to their rooms and Perrin chases away Selande and her friends that attempt to follow them. Faile is jealous, fearing Perrin might be taking an interest in Berelain. She makes a scene about him asking about Berelain. The First had spread rumors about Perrin and her that Faile had had to endure. Perrin makes clear to her in no uncertain terms that he loves only Faile and how afraid he has been for her. He is angry about her jealousy. His anger seems to sway Faile's mood from jealousy to affection, however...

Rand barges in unexpectedly and at first keeps talking about Berelain. As Perrin asks if there is anything else, he inquires whether Perrin will reconsider leading the Tairen army against Illian, but Perrin says he's not cut out to be a general. He also refers to Min's viewings that "twice Perrin had to be there, or Rand would go down in disaster." Rand appears unconcerned about the risk. Perrin changes the subject to another of his concerns, the Aes Sedai, and demands that Rand not harm them, insisting that he will not allow something to happen to them. The threat angers Rand but the Dragon Reborn promises not to, "harm any Aes Sedai who don't deserve it." Rand ends the discussion with an abrupt declaration that he will find something else for Perrin to do in a few days. Alone again, Perrin and Faile carry on where they had been interrupted.







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