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<<<   The Loss of a Hill    >>>
Setting: Kandor, Tarwin's Gap, Arafel

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Point of view: Egwene al'Vere Edit

Setting: Kandor Edit

Egwene fights Trollocs climbing the hillside. From her vantage point she could see a trap springing around the veteran force under Joni Shagrin. Only a few cavalrymen manage to survive the slaughter.

She wants to question Bryne about how this could have been allowed to happened. Afterwards, she plans to join the troops defending the ford.

Point of view: Al'Lan Mandragoran Edit

Setting: Tarwin's Gap Edit

Lan goes to see Agelmar in his tent, who tells him he hopes to take down the leader of the Dreadlords. Listening to Agelmar, Lan wonders if he missed something that Agelmar saw. But a messenger arrives, confirming Lan's earlier suspicion about a Shadowspawn force sneaking up on them.

He relieves Agelmar of duty and places him under guard, just as Elayne did to Bashere. Agelmar is at first outraged, but after a short cross-examinations about his latest decisions he suddenly realizes the mistakes he has made and tries to kill himself.

Agelmar remembers that he has sent Tenobia to her death, just as Lan has resigned himself to their loss here.

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon Edit

Setting: Arafel Edit

Mat, Fortuona, and her entourage ride to a point overlooking the battlefield on the border to Arafel. A few hundred paces opposite the ford Mat spots Tylee's soldiers waiting. Wondering what she was up to, he asks Fortuona for five minutes on his own and rides toward their camp. Tylee says Bryne gave them the order to stay put.

Not being able to wait around any longer, Mat orders Tylee to take the right flank and Banner-General Makoti the middle; he himself will deal with the left flank and the channelers.

In the midst of battle, Mat takes out an Ayyad woman, which is rare for a man and a great honor as Fortuona later tells him. Having seen Mat fight, the Seanchan soldiers are in awe of him.

After the skirmish, Mat rides back to Fortuona, who is displeased about his joining the battle. But he explains he had to feel "its pulse" to know it.

Mat demands absolute control of the Seanchan armies and sends Min to Egwene to warn her that Bryne is a Darkfriend.

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