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<<<   A Dangerous Place    >>>
Setting: Black Tower


Point of view: Androl Genhald
Setting: The Great Gathering

Welyn Kajima sits in the inn's common room and tells the gathering that Logain Ablar and Mazrim Taim have patched their differences, citing a concern over the Last Battle. Androl Genhald stands by the door with Pevara Tazanovni and watches the unbelievable scene as Welyn's face and voice was not as he remembered. Jonneth Dowtry demands to know where Logain is, and why he can't speak for himself. Androl respects the honesty from the Two Rivers Asha'man but silently pleads for caution. He is dismayed that there is an Aes Sedai in hid head[1][2] and assumes the void in order to shield his thoughts. Pevara admits that it is now harder to read his thoughts. Lind Taglien cuts off Jonneth's questioning and the Asha'man leaves the inn.

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-"Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn't it?" - Rand al'Thor







  1. A Memory of Light, Chapter 2
  2. The link is from when they bonded each other.

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