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Setting: The Field of Merrilor, Thakan'dar

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Point of view: Elayne Trakand Edit

Setting: Hawal Ford Edit

With Hanlon's death Elayne is able to move free and channel again. Her guard breaks through and between them and Birgitte, the rest of the Darkfriend mercenaries are defeated. Birgitte tells Elayne she is off to join the other heroes and Elayne should stay where she is. Elayne responds that her men believe her to be dead, and she needs to be seen to give them heart.

Point of view: Aviendha Edit

Setting: Thakan'dar Edit

Aviendha is alone now that Rafela has joined the Dragonsworn's last stand at the cavern. Elyas runs past her with a large pack of wolves to attack scores of Darkhounds.

She sees Hessalam ahead of her with a group of Aes Sedai and Wise Ones she has captured, and sends a signal in the air to Amys and Cadsuane. Hessalam senses it and tries to shield her, but Aviendha draws in saidar through the turtle angreal and is able to withstand her. Hessalam attacks and Aviendha is forced to run, until Cadsuane and Amys arrived.

Point of view: Elayne Trakand Edit

Setting: Hawal Ford Edit

Despite being untrained with the weapon, Elayne swings her sword at a Trolloc, encouraging surviving Andorans to gather around her.

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon Edit

Setting: Polov Heights Edit

Mat, with his surviving forces, tries to push the enemy off the Heights. Gateways open in the air and the Seanchan pour through. He intends half the Seanchan to join Elayne and the other half to hit the Trollocs from the rear in the corridor between the Heights and the bogs.

He hears thunder and realises that Talmanes and Aludra have mended the dragons and are now firing on the Sharans.

There is just one more piece to fall into place.

Point of view: Jur Grady Edit

Setting: River Mora Edit

Grady watches a canyon, ten or so miles to the northeast along the Mora. He is angry with Mat for the way he sent villagers to fight at the river. His orders are to make a gateway at dawn to the same village.

He opens it and is astounded to see the same villages and members of the Band that had been killed the previous day. They pass through and fall upon the three Dreadlords keeping watch, killing them and allowing Grady to destroy the dam and release the river.

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