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Setting: Tarwin's Gap, Field of Merrilor

Point of view: Al'Lan Mandragoran Edit

Setting: Tarwin's Gap Edit

Lan's armies continue holding the Trollocs at the Gap but they know that the Shadowspawn will overrun them eventually. After Bulen's death, Lan talks with the soldiers about those who died well and they laugh instead of mourn. With Narishma's help Lan leaves his friend's body on the top of a mountain where he will be preserved until he can be buried properly. All of a sudden the the ground starts shaking and rumbling, and tiny rents appear in the rock, cracks that are way too dark to be normal. The nothingness behind the cracks soon disappears, but Lan is worried and heads to the Saldean camp. There he talks with Lord Agelmar about how tired the men are. However Lan refuses to retreat and leave Malkier to the Shadow a second time. Agelmar calls him selfish and tells him it's irresponsible to throw his life away with the Last Battle upon them and that their task is to hurt the Shadow even if it means falling back. An emergency signal draws Lan's attention and he storms out to help the defensive lines.

He realizes that eventually he will do what has to be done and abandon Malkier again.

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere Edit

Setting: Field of Merrilor Edit

Egwene's army is moving to Kandor. She talks with Gawyn who is now her husband and obviously impatient to fight the Shadow. Silviana discusses Elayne's proposal for a stationary hospital with Egwene. The Amyrlin agrees eventually and suggests Mayene to be the place where the wounded would be transferred and healed by the Yellow Sisters, the Novices and the Accepted.

Egwene goes to meet Leilwin. The Amyrlin offers her a chance to repay her debt for not getting rid of the bracelets. The Seanchan woman swears to serve and protect Egwene, who then questions her about Seanchan military, arms, strength and the plans of the Empress.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor Edit

Setting: Field of Merrilor Edit

Rand arrives at Elayne's tent and waits for her to arrive. They talk about the war and their children and have dinner together. Rand tells her what happened atop Dragonmount and shares his reluctance to send people to fight and die in his name. Elayne tells him he should not deny the people their right to fight and defend what they love. Rand explains to her how the Pattern works by trying to balance good and evil and gives her a small statue of a woman - a seed that is used for creating angreal. Elayne gives him the dagger ter'angreal that prevents the Shadow from seeing the holder.

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