A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time is a soundtrack created by Robert Berry to accompany the books, resulting in nearly an hour of songs. Most of the songs are instrumental, and many bear a heavy Celtic sound due to the background of some of the musicians.

The soundtrack was released on July 10, 2001, and was ultimately intended to be listened to while reading the novels.

Track ListEdit

  1. A Theme for the Wheel of Time
  2. Return to Emonds Field
  3. Song for Moiraine
  4. Traveling the Ways
  5. Spears and Buckler
  6. Dreamwalker
  7. The Knowledge of the Wise Ones
  8. The Winespring Wheel
  9. The Halls of Tar Valon
  10. Search for the Black Ajah
  11. Ladies of the Tower
  12. The Game of Houses
  13. Voyage of the Seafolk
  14. Heart of the Wolf
  15. Journey through the Waste
  16. Lan the Warder
  17. March of the Trollocs
  18. Rand's Theme - Fanfare for the Dragon Reborn
  19. The Aiel Approach - Dahl of a Chant

List of ArtistsEdit

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