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First published in 1990, Robert Jordan began an epic series called The Wheel of Time. For the next seventeen years, readers experienced eleven books of rich and expansive storytelling. However, on September 16th, 2007, Robert Jordan passed away due to cardiac amyloidosis. His legacy is carried on by Brandon Sanderson, a fellow fantasy author and Wheel of Time fan. With the help of Harriet Rigney, Robert Jordan's wife and editor, Mr. Sanderson continues a journey over twenty years in the making.

"Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time."

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All manner of characters populate the vast world of the series. With thirteen books and a prequel so far, The Wheel of Time series contains thousands of characters, from Aes Sedai, Warders, and nobility, to humble farmers and maids, from powerful warriors to those sworn to peace in all they do.

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Seanchan (pronounced SHAWN-chan) is a continent located across the Aryth Ocean. Its nearest shores are over 5,000 miles to the west of the Westlands. The name 'Seanchan' also applies to the Empire that occupies the continent, and the people living there. It is divided into two landmasses separated by a wide dividing channel, and is longer north-to-south than east-to-west, although it is split by many fissures and fjords. The Morenal Ocean separates Seanchan from Shara to the west. A thousand years after the Trolloc Wars, after unifying the Westlands, Artur Hawkwing sent a vast fleet led by his son, Luthair Paendrag Mondwin, across the Aryth Ocean. Luthair's fleet never returned to the continent from which they came, and was presumed lost. The fleet had actually made it across the ocean to arrive in Seanchan. By pitting the native nations against each other, Luthair and his descendants eventually subjugated and unified the continent into the Seanchan Empire, a process called the Consolidation. Luthair's heirs continue to rule the Empire. Recently, the Seanchan Empire has engaged in a concerted effort to retake the continent from which the Empire's rulers' ancestors hailed, known as the Return. The Seanchan made their first attempt, seizing the city of Falme and surrounding lands, but were driven back. Later, the Seanchan were successful in taking Tarabon and Amadicia, and continued their advance, taking Ebou Dar and southern Altara. They were then halted when the forces of Rand al'Thor fought the Seanchan to a standstill. With the arrival of the main Seanchan fleet and the Daughter of the Nine Moons, the Seanchan are poised to make further advances. Locked in an uneasy stalemate, Rand al'Thor currently seeks to make a truce with the Seanchan. (more...)

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