EWoT: Aelgar

Political information
Type of government Monarchy
Region Shadow Coast
Capital Ancohima
Cities Condaris, Mainelle, Shar Honelle
Affiliation Ten Nations
Historical information
Date of establishment After the Breaking
Date of fragmentation After Trolloc Wars
Era After Breaking

Aelgar was one of the Ten Nations and fell in the aftermath of the Trolloc Wars. It was renowned for its wealth and power.



In red location within the Ten Nations

Aelgar was located in the southwestern corner of the Westlands, stretching from the Aryth Ocean to the River Eldar and from the southern end of the Mountains of Mist to the Sea of Storms. It was bordered by Safer to the north, Manetheren to the northeast, and Eharon to the east. Its capital was Ancohima. Its other major Ogier-built cities were Condaris, Mainelle (on the site of modern Tanchico), and Shar Honelle.

Aelgar's territory incorporated most of modern Tarabon, all of Amadicia, and a thin slice of western Altara, as well as the entirety of the Shadow Coast.


Aelgar arose in the aftermath of the Breaking of the World. King Remedan the Goldentongued signed the Compact of the Ten Nations for Aelgar in 209 AB, allying the kingdom to the other nations of the Westlands. It survived the Trolloc Wars, but collapsed shortly thereafter, with the nations of Balasun and Kharendor arising from its ruins.

Compact of the Ten Nations

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