EWoT: Aemon al Caar al Thorin

Aemon al Caar al Thorin
Aemon al Caar al Thorin
Biographical information
Nationality Manetherenite
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TEOTW 9
Last mentioned TFOH 51
Title King of Manetheren
Rank King

Aemon al Caar al Thorin (meaning Aemon, son of Caar, son of Thorin) was the King of Manetheren during the time of its destruction. His father was Caar al Thorin al Toren and his grandfather was Thorin al Toren al Ban.


For years during the Trolloc Wars, the forces of Manetheren, led by King Aemon, were stalwart defenders of the light. They marched far across the land, fighting the Shadow at every turn. Wherever there were men fighting the forces of the Dark One, the Red Eagle of Manetheren was always at the front. For their perseverance and courage, the army of Manetheren became known as a thorn to the Dark one's foot, and a bramble to his hand.

Battle of the Tarendrelle RiverEdit

At the time of Manetheren's downfall, the majority of the army was stationed on the Field of Bekkar, also known as the Field of Blood. When the Dreadlords led an army against their home, the army was too far away to do anything but mourn and avenge. But instead, they marched home, at a speed greater than friends hoped and enemies feared. And when the Dreadlords reached the Tarendrelle, Aemon waited for them.

The Trolloc force was meant for the utter destruction of all of Manetheren and all of its people. Ravens littered the sky and the Trollocs and Darkfriends numbered in the tens of thousands. They were led by hundreds of Fades and Dreadlords under the banner of Ba'alzamon. Aemon was promised aid if his force could hold for but three days, while his army should have been overrun in an hour. But miraculously, they held alone not for three days, but nine. And at the tenth day, Aemon knew they had been betrayed and could expect no help. He and his men crossed the river and burned the bridges, but knew it would not be enough. Their queen, Eldrene, began evacuating their people into the deepest recesses of the mountains. But many did not flee. Farmers, merchants, women, all turned to join the forces fighting for their home. Even so, the Trolloc horde could not be stopped and the fighting continued until all of the forces of Manetheren were driven back to what would come to be called Aemon's Field, and later Emond's Field. Every defender was slain and the land soaked with the blood of battle.

Eldrene, waiting in the empty city, felt her husband's death. In her rage, she drew deeply upon the One Power to avenge her land, her husband and her people. She destroyed every Dreadlord among the Dark One's forces with incinerating flames. However, her vengeance came at a high cost as she had drawn more of the One Power than possible unaided and died with the passing Dreadlords. The Trolloc horde was broken and thousands died trying to cross the River Tarendrelle as they fled in panic from Eldrene's wrath.

Some of the people of Manetheren survived and settled in the land, eventually to become the Two Rivers, where the old blood ran strong in the hearts of its people.


His courage was so renowned that the greatest compliment, even among his enemies, was to say that another had "Aemon's heart."

It is alluded that Aemon was his wife's, Queen Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan, Warder.[1]

The Band of the Red Hand, a name and army now used by Matrim Cauthon, was Aemon's personal army.[2]


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