The Wheel of Time by ajkareze

The Wheel of Time

Time is represented by a seven-spoked wheel, The Wheel of Time, which consists of seven Ages. The turning of this wheel and the events of each Age generate the Great Pattern, a predefined plan which defines the past, present and future.

An age is a very long period of time. Ages are typically homogeneous, with beginnings and endings marked by dramatic changes and events. Each Age is a specific period of time whose basic design is defined by the Pattern of the Age. The pattern of each Age is fixed by the Great Pattern, but the details of a specific Age can vary considerably from the base pattern. The length of time from one variation of an Age to its next variation is long enough to completely erase all memory and records of the previous Age. Into each Age are born individuals who posses the ability to change the Pattern of an Age in either minor or major ways. These people are known as ta'veren, and can have a great influence on events of an Age. Although powerful, ta'veren are still bound to the Pattern of an Age, as well as the Great Pattern. It is theorized that ta'veren are created by the Wheel as a method to assure that the Pattern of an Age is woven properly. [1]

"The Wheel of Time. Ages come and go and come again as the Wheel turns. All the catechism." Suddenly he stabbed a point in that imaginary wheel. "Here the Dark One's prison is whole. Here, they drilled a hole in it, and sealed it up again." He moved the bit of pipe along the arc he'd drawn. "Here we are. The seal's weakening. But that doesn't matter, of course." The pipestem completed the circle. "When the Wheel turns back to here in the first place, the Dark One's prison has to be whole again."
   —Herid Fel on the Wheel of Time[2]

There is some evidence in the books that we are living in the First Age, for example real-world references.[verify]

Contradictions Edit

  1. In the set of TWOT story, there was a "modern Age" where people did not know about wars, lived in peace, everything was provided to them and they used advanced technology with One Power. Then Mierin Eronaile unleashes the Shadow so they learn war and agony. (And swordfight apparently, meanwhile they have more advanced weaponry in parallel e.g. shocklances.) Lews Therin becomes the Dragon. He is not Dragon Reborn. He isn't called Dragon Reborn, only Dragon. Dragon Reborn must fulfill the Prophecies about him being half Aiel, being born on the slopes of Dragonmount, raised by the ancient blood, which Lews Therin could never fulfill as he creates Dragounmount during his suicide. Despite that, Elan Morin Tedronai tells him they are already in that repetitive cycle, right at that point.
  2. With Rand's death the Third Age ends and the Fourth Age begins. One would think a period of peace should follow, especially with the Dragon's Peace. So the Wheel turns to an era where without war, education and trade would evolve and they could turn again to modern, advanced life. Yet, ETOTW starts with two quotes from the Fourth Age, about how the Shadow fell upon the Land and how men cried out for the rebirth of the Promised One. (It may, of course, be that the referred Fourth Age is some other Fourth Age from another turn of the Wheel, not the one following Rand's Age and that Ages are coming and going randomly.)


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