EWoT: Algarin Pendaloan

Algarin Pendaloan
Biographical information
Nationality Tairen
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Thinning
Chronological and political information
First appeared COT 23
Last appeared AMOL 41
Occupation Asha'man
Title Lord
Rank Asha'man
"Being polite to a person is not a sign of respect for them, Pevara Sedai. It is merely a sign of a good upbringing and a balanced nature."
   —Algarin Pendaloan
For the brother whose name Algarin uses as an alias, see Emarin Pendaloan.

Algarin Pendaloan is Lord of House Pendaloan of Tear.

Appearance Edit

He has a neat, pointed white beard, a wrinkled face, and thinning hair.

History Edit

Algarin's brother, Emarin, was able to channel but was gentled. Cadsuane was able to help Emarin survive ten years after being gentled.

Activities Edit

Rand al'Thor, after cleansing saidin, comes to stay in Algarin's house. Algarin has left for the Black Tower to become an Asha'man after being successfully tested for the ability to channel. He has joined Logain's faction and goes by his brother's name, Emarin.

Emarin, along with Canler, Arlen Nalaam, and Jonneth Dowtry are leveling hillside with the One Power. Alongside them is a group of Mazrim Taim's men led by Coteren. Coteren mocks Androl Genhald who has stopped by and embarrasses him in front of everyone by showing how weak he is in the One Power. Emarin's group become furious and everyone fills with saidin just about leading to open battle between the two groups before Androl manages to calm them all down by making light of the situation. After Taim's group leaves, Androl agrees that they will start to investigate the bizarre changes that are happening to people.

He tries creating gateways with Androl, Canler, and Evin Vinchova but the weaves just won't form. The men are disturbed when Norley reports that something in Mezar Kurin's personality has changed and he is now one of Taim's men.

Pevara Tazanovni fills in the men on what she suspects has happened to the people that have undergone suspicious behavior changes and that they have likely been turned to the Shadow. The men pick Androl as their leader to mount a resistance to Taim and his cronies. Androl also deduces Emarin's proper identity but keeps it a secret. According to Pevara, Emarin is attracted to men rather than women.[1] The only other known male homosexual character in the series is Lord Baldhere.


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