EWoT: Almoren

Political information
Type of government Monarchy
Primary terrain Mountains, forest
Capital Al'cair'rahienallen
Cities Jennshain
Affiliation Ten Nations
Historical information
Date of establishment After the Breaking
Date of dissolution During Trolloc Wars
Era After Breaking

Almoren was one of the Ten Nations which was destroyed during the Trolloc Wars.



In red location within the Ten Nations

Almoren was located in the east of the Westlands. It stretched from north of Kinslayer's Dagger to Haddon Mirk and from the Erinin to the Spine of the World. It was bordered by Essenia to the south, Coremanda and Tar Valon to the west and Aramaelle to the north. Its capital city was Al'cair'rahienallen (which later became Cairhien) and its other major Ogier-built city was Jennshain.

Almoren's territory incorporated all of modern Cairhien and a substantial amount of additional land.


Almoren was founded after the Breaking of the World and was brought into the Compact of the Ten Nations by King Coerid Nosar. Almoren was overrun and destroyed during the Trolloc Wars.

Following the wars its territory was divided by the new kingdoms of Hamarea, Ileande, Tova, Shandalle and Khodomar.

Compact of the Ten Nations

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