EWoT: Anasai

Shienar Flag
Biographical information
Nationality Shienaran
Current status Presumed dead
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TEOTW 46
Last mentioned AMOL 7
Occupation Poet

Anasai, often titled of Shienar or of Ryddingwood, was a Shienaran poet.


One of her most famous and most often quoted lines is:

"The rosepetal floats on water.
The kingfisher flashes above the pond.
Life and beauty swirl in the midst of death."

   —Anasai of Shienar
Easar Togita quoted another of her works:
"A drum with no head.
A pump with no grip.
A song with no voice.
Still, it is mine.
Still, it is mine."

   —Anasai of Ryddingwood


Each of her poems was written as an elegy; the one quoted by Easar Togita is reputed to be for her father. She had left instructions indicating that particular poem could be read but should not be spoken out loud except when it was right to do so. Curiously, she did not explain when it would be right to do so.

It is unknown just how well known she was. Lan Mandragoran recognized the style of one of her poems, but said that he only knew because she was a favourite of Moiraine Damodred's. Furthermore, her importance is hard to determine since it is not known if she is alive or not.


Her name was not revealed until A Memory of Light, nor her gender.