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EWoT: Andere

Biographical information
Nationality Malkieri
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Lean
Hair color Long
Chronological and political information
Last appeared TOM Epilogue
Affiliation Lan Mandragoran

Andere is from Malkier.

Appearance Edit

He is a lean, dangerous looking man. His long hair is held back with a hadori.

History Edit

He used to be in the Kandori army.

Activities Edit

He, Nazar Kurenin, and Rakim all meet up with Lan Mandragoran and Bulen along the Plain of Lances. They travel in front of Lan until he finally accepts them into his company. He introduces Weilin Aldragoran and his company to Lan, increasing Lan's camp to many. He assures Lan that no one broke their oath when they get to the Silverwall Keeps and find a gathering of thousands awaiting Lan. Lan's army finally arrives at Tarwin's Gap and is around twelve thousand strong. They encounter a Trolloc army of one hundred fifty thousand. Lan then leads a charge into the Blight, not as the Aan'allein, but as the King of Malkier.

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