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EWoT: Androl Genhald

Androl Genhald
Biographical information
Nationality Taraboner
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Square
Chronological and political information
First appeared WH Prologue
Last appeared AMOL 48
Affiliation Logain Ablar
Occupation Asha'man
Title Gaidin
Rank Asha'man

Androl Genhald is an Asha'man.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

He is a square shaped Taraboner with heavy eyebrows and a full head of hair. He is slightly short for a man with an oval face and long fingers. He has a weathered look about him, but not farmer weathered. He has seen much of the world and this wear shows on him.

His strength in the One Power is extremely limited, to the point where he is said to be weaker than many of the women who are turned away from the White Tower. However, he appears to have a specialized Talent for creating large gateways, despite the fact that someone of his strength in the Power should not be able to create one at all. This talent extends beyond the mere size of his gateways, as he is capable of creating multiple gateways simultaneously and virtually without thought, and can place them virtually anywhere he wishes. Due to how easily he can create gateways, he often uses them for extremely mundane tasks, such as dropping tea leaves into water by creating a tiny gateway under the leaves and over the water. He is apparently able to create gateways to extremely far-away places that he has never seen before, despite the fact that making a gateway requires one to know one's destination very well. His talent even allows him to create very small gateways within the area of influence of a Dreamspike, a feat that should be completely impossible. He eventually learns to compensate for his lack of strength in the Power in battle by using gateways to perform many functions that they are typically not used for; using small gateways to behead foes, redirecting his opponent's attacks back at them through gateways (including balefire), and opening gateways beneath foes to drop them great distances. At one point while in control of a circle, he opened several gigantic gateways straight into Dragonmount's core, and utilized the high-pressure magma present there to wipe out an entire shadowspawn army.

Activities Edit

Part of Logain's faction Edit

At first he could only channel the One Power while holding a strap of leather. Mazrim Taim beats this block out of him so he can now channel at will. However he has retained some madness from the taint and if he holds saidin too long he starts to see the shadows begin crawling towards him.

He is part of Logain Ablar's faction in the Black Tower. He is widely traveled and rich in life experience. Other members of Logain's faction view him with respect and treat him like a leader in Logain's absence. He doesn't understand why they treat him with such deference, because he is one of the weakest men in the power having attended the Black Tower.

Logain thinks his ability is impressive, while Taim regards it as impossible. Due to his skill with Traveling and his lack of ability with most other weaves Androl often serves as a messenger and transporter, which has earned him the derisive nickname "Pageboy" by members of Taim's faction.

Androl is one of the male channelers at the Black Tower that is still loyal to Rand al'Thor. When the Black Tower divides between those like him and Mazrim Taim's questionably-motivated Asha'man, he begins to worry about the state of things. After realizing that gateways are impossible to make at the Black Tower, he approaches the Aes Sedai currently in residence in order to plot an escape.

To bond and be bonded Edit

Though he continues to deem himself unworthy as a leader, Androl cannot help but rally a growing resistance, many from the Two Rivers, rather than see the Tower fall into the hands of the Shadow. He and Pevara Tazanovni speak, reluctantly at first. Pevara informs Androl of what she suspects has happened to the people that have undergone suspicious behavior changes - that they have likely been turned to the Shadow. She begins to teach him how to link. Flooded with wonder and overwhelmed with the feeling of power, Androl feels unstoppable and begins moving objects around, and she bonds him out of fear. Upon this happening he retaliates and bonds her back. The effect is unexpected in that they now can "hear" each other's thoughts. Androl and Pevara share much about each other's past, and have a growing respect for one another.

Men continue to be turned. Upon the announcement that Logain and Taim are now working together, Androl plans to help Logain escape. They are captured, and one by one Taim continues to turn them to the Shadow. Logain is almost completely subdued, but Androl sadly but cleverly tricks his former friend through paranoia into attacking the man shielding him. Due to his weak abilities, and the Dreamspike blocking gateways, Taim does not even bother to shield him, weaving balefire. In that moment, Androl weaves a very small gateway that absorbs the balefire in spite of the Dreamspike, saving his life just as the rest of the Two Rivers lads arrive to rescue them.

A full on battle begins, with Myrddraal, Hessalam, and Taim. Suddenly Androl is able to weave gateways again, and uses them to full and innovative effects, turning their attackers' channeling against them by placing a gateway behind them. He also sends Logain to a safe place. Taim and Hessalam escape, but Androl manages to kill several Darkfriends by placing a wide gateway beneath them with the opening a fall of several hundred feet.

Joining the Last Battle Edit

When Elayne Trakand's armies are pressed to the point of breaking on the battlefield at Cairhien, Logain, Androl, and the men who fought to hold the Black Tower appear and form a circle to produce "one miracle." Androl channels an extremely large gateway above the Trolloc army which opens to Dragonmount, spilling lava and buying them all time to regroup for a last stand.

At the end of all the battles, he is promoted to the rank of full Asha'man by Logain. It has been strongly hinted several times at this point that he and Pevara are in love.[1]


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