Angarai'la, The River of Souls, is a stream in Shara. Angarai'la flows through a rift valley called Abyrward. The trees in this place are vibrant and green. Their leaves are food for the silkworm.


Rai'lair, the Hearttomb is an ancient cave that is the source of the River of Souls. Inside is the ancient hiding place of a piece of Sakarnen, protected by an adult Jumara and the head of a Nym.

The Coming of The WyldEdit

In 1000 NE Demandred, called Bao, came to walk the path of Angarai'la. Inside Rai'lair Demandred defeated an adult Jumara that had taken up residence inside the cave. He then killed what remained of the Nym and claimed the piece of Sakarnen that had been hidden there. He returned to the Sharan people at sunset of the third day, fulfilling one of the last prophesies of The Wyld.

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