EWoT: Areina Nermasiv

Ghealdan Flag
Areina Nermasiv
Biographical information
Nationality Ghealdan
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Braid
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
First appeared TFOH 48
Last appeared KOD 24

Areina Nermasiv accompanied Nicola Treehill and "Marigan" aboard the Riverserpent when they were fleeing the riots in Samara.


She is young with blue eyes and dark, braided hair. She is 5'4 tall. She is free with her tongue, which often gets her into trouble.


Areina was born in Kandor in 978 NE. She went to Illian to fetch her younger brother Gwil home; he had run away to become a Hunter of the Horn. She never found him, but instead ended up taking the oath of a Hunter herself. She set out to find either Gwil or the Horn, though she never really believed the Horn of Valere existed. On her travels, she was chased out of several villages, robbed once and beaten several times.

Areina has few friends aside from Nicola. The Mistress of Novices Tiana Noselle thinks that this is the reason for her disgruntlement and trouble-making. [1] Areina admires power and warrior skills, as evidenced by training to get Birgitte and Lan to teach her.


She meets Nynaeve al'Meara and Elayne Trakand on the Riverserpent boat. She decides to go with them for safety.

She develops a friendship with Birgitte Silverbow and spends most of her time with her. She is very jealous of any other woman spending time with Birgitte. She dislikes Nynaeve and Elayne in particular for pretending to be Aes Sedai.

Areina and Nicola try to blackmail Egwene al'Vere with the knowledge that she pretended to be an Aes Sedai while she was still an Accepted and are both severely reprimanded for it. She also blackmails Myrelle Berengari and Nisao Dachen about concealing Lan Mandragoran and is again busted by Egwene. She is in awe of Lan and his swordsmanship. The Wheel of Time Companion reveals that Nicola bonded Areina as a Warder, illegal though it was.

She runs away with Nicola to the White Tower and takes a job in the stables.

When Egwene is captured, She and Nicola tell stories about her to the Tower novices, making her a hero in their eyes.

The Wheel of Time Companion says Areina's final fate is unknown. However, because Nicola dies, and Areina was her Warder, it can be assumed Areina dies as well.


Min Farshaw sees that she, with Marigan and Nicola will cause trouble for Elayne and Nynaeve (she tries to blackmail the three-fulfilled)


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