EWoT: Arlen Nalaam

Arlen Nalaam
Biographical information
Nationality Domani
Date of birth 971 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared TPOD 23
Last appeared AMOL 8
Affiliation Black Tower
Occupation Asha'man
Rank Soldier (Asha'man)

Arlen Nalaam is an Asha'man Soldier.

Appearance Edit

He has coppery skin and and a thin mustache. He is just shy of his thirtieth year.

Activities Edit

He brings back to Rand al'Thor a Seanchan damane prisoner during the campaign against the Seanchan outside Illian and he then returns to the battle. He sometimes mutters in an unrecognizable language, if it is a language, that is not the Old Tongue. When asked about it, he states that he spoke plainly. He should have been promoted to Asha'man but has been held back.

He, along with Algarin Pendaloan (Emarin), Canler, and Jonneth Dowtry are leveling hillside with the One Power. Alongside them is a group of Taim's men led by Coteren. Coteren mocks Androl Genhald who has stopped by and embarrasses him in front of everyone by showing how weak he is in the One Power. Nalaam's group become furious and everyone fills with saidin just about leading to open battle between the two groups before Androl manages to calm them all down by making light of the situation. After Taim's group leaves, Androl agrees that they will start to investigate the bizarre changes that are happening to people. Nalaam unfortunately dies when the roof falls on Androl and the others. Androl notes that he was lucky to die instead of being turned.

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