Arrows of Fire is an intricate weave of Earth and Fire which causes small filaments of superheated material to fly from the channeler's fingertips.


Each fingertip will fire ten of these very rapidly, so quickly they appear to flicker. The filaments kill by heating whatever material they come into contact with to beyond boiling, creating large holes in their targets. A single filament has the ability to vaporize its way through up to three Trollocs. Up to one hundred of these filaments may be fired simultaneously.

Along with Deathgates and Blossoms of Fire, Arrows of Fire are a recently rediscovered combat weave used by the Asha'man. Rand al'Thor learned these weaves when Lews Therin Telamon gained control of saidin in the Battle at Lord Algarin's manor.[1]


  1. Knife of Dreams, Chapter 19

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