EWoT: Avene Sahera

Avene Sahera
Avene Sahera
Biographical information
Nationality Kandori
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Plump
Chronological and political information
First mentioned NS 17
First appeared NS 21
Last appeared NS 21
Last mentioned NS 23
Occupation Innkeeper

Avene Sahera was a Kandori woman who followed her husband on campaign during the Aiel War.

Apperance Edit

She is plump.

History Edit

She gave birth to her tenth son, Migel, shortly before the Battle of the Shining Walls in late 978 NE. She accepted the bounty awarded by the Amyrlin Seat Tamra Ospenya to all women who gave birth during the battle and, after her husband was killed, used the money to return to her home village of Ravinda and build a two-story inn, which she decided to name the White Tower in honor of the Aes Sedai. She was worried that Aes Sedai might take offense to the name, but Moiraine Damodred did not encourage her to change it. However, Moiraine was traveling in disguise and privately believed it was unlikely the name would be allowed to remain.

Moiraine believed that Avene's son might be the Dragon Reborn, until she learned he was born ten days too soon and thirty miles from Dragonmount.

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