Bandar Eban

Bandar Eban

Bandar Eban is the capital city of Arad Doman. It is located on the coast of the Aryth Ocean, lying on the mouth of the river Dhagon. The central plaza is called Arandi Square. The dock where the fishermen dump their waste is called Gull's Feast. It was built over the ruins of Allorallen, a city of Jaramide destroyed during the Trolloc Wars.[1]

Bandar Eban is home to what is according to Cadsuane Melaidhrin one of the greatest libraries in the world, known as the Terhana Library.

Bandar Eban is where Rand al'Thor Second goes after his revelation on the Dragonmount, and is the home of The Potato Soldier

Western Lands

The location of Bandar Eban in the Westlands


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