The Battle of Jeramel was a major military engagement fought in early 1000 NE between the armies of Amadicia, under King Ailron, and the invading forces of the Seanchan. The numbers involved on either side are not known, but it is known that the Children of the Light under Lord Captain Commander Eamon Valda fought alongside the Amadician troops, while the Seanchan were accompanied by sul'dam and damane.

The battle was fought near the Amadician town of Jeramel and resulted in a crushing defeat for the Amadicians, mainly due to the enemy's use of the One Power. The Amadician army was destroyed and King Ailron was killed in the fighting. The Children of the Light suffered significant losses but were able to withdraw without routing.

In the aftermath of the battle, a new king loyal to the Seanchan was appointed. Eamon Valda signed a peace treaty and entered into an alliance with the Seanchan, but this proved unpopular with his troops. When Captain Galad Damodred slew Valda in single combat, the remaining Children proclaimed him Lord Captain Commander and followed his lead in breaking the alliance and leaving the country to find allies prepared to fight against the Seanchan. However, the Hand of the Light under High Inquisitor Rhadam Asunawa split off from the Children at this point, presumably to reaffirm their alliance with the Seanchan. Many of them were either killed or were left behind when Damodred took the Children out of Amadicia.

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