Blossoms of Fire is a weave of the One Power using Earth, Air, and Fire to create a bar of fire less than the width of a large man's forearm, and about ten feet tall. These "bars of red" as they are called sometimes make a high pitched whining sound. When another flow of Air is added in, these bars explode to thirty feet across, incinerating and throwing enemies across the battlefield. They have the ability to kill enemies up to one hundred paces away, though the effectiveness at this range is limited. Rand showcased the ability to create six of these at once, then six more in succession once the first six had detonated and so forth. It is unknown whether this is the limit at which they can be woven (as Rand's strength in the Power is the absolute maximum for any human), or if the decision to weave them in this manner was a tactical decision on the part of Lews Therin.

Along with Arrows of Fire and Deathgates, Fire Blossoms are a recently rediscovered combat weave used by the Asha'man. Lews Therin Telamon showed these weaves to Rand al'Thor when he gained control of saidin in the Battle at Lord Algarin's manor.[1]


  1. Knife of Dreams, Chapter 19

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