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"... a delegation of Caemlyn's merchants would have been insulted to be received in the Blue Room, a delegation of bankers livid"
   —Elayne Trakand's thoughts on the Blue Room.[1]

The Blue Reception Room is so named for its arched ceiling which is "painted to display the sky and white clouds, and its blue floor tiles."[1] It is the smallest of the reception rooms in the Royal Palace of Andor, measuring less than ten paces square. It contains two large fireplaces with carved marble mantels. A cornice of plaster lions and a pair of tapestries bearing the White Lion of Andor flank the doors. Its arched windows stand opposite the doors and overlook a courtyard, it front of which sit the simply carved reception chairs. This puts the light behind whoever sits in them, granting them an advantage as a delegation must usually squint into the glare.


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