EWoT: Breane Taborwin

Breane Taborwin
Biographical information
Nationality Cairhienin
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Eye color Dark
Chronological and political information
First appeared TGH 32
Last appeared TOM 44
Affiliation Morgase Trakand
Title Lady

Breane Taborwin is a Cairhienin Lady of House Taborwin.

Appearance Edit

Although approaching her middle years, Breane is still pretty, short and suntanned, with dark eyes.

Activities Edit

Lord Barthanes' partyEdit

Breane first encountered Rand al'Thor at a party held in Cairhien by Barthanes Damodred. She, along with Alaine Chuliandred and Belevaere Osiellin, made certain offers to Rand that made him extremely uncomfortable, causing him to seek out Thom Merrilin, with whom he had previously agreed to break contact.[1]

Civil war Edit

Breane fled the civil war that flared up in Cairhien, eventually ending up a refugee in Caemlyn and falling in love with Lamgwin Dorn, one of the guards of The Queen's Blessing. She flees with him from Andor when they follow Morgase Trakand to Amadicia.

She acts as Morgase's servant while in Amadicia but she is very disrespectful towards her. She gets stuck into Morgase after Morgase's self confidence begins to drop while being held captive in the Fortress of the Light. She escapes with Morgase and her crew with the help of Sebban Balwer.

While traveling in Ghealdan she and her group are saved by Perrin Aybara when they are attacked by the Prophet's men. They then join with Perrin's army and become attendants under Faile Bashere.

After Faile's capture by the Shaido Aiel, Breane becomes a servant to Perrin. She has an intense dislike of Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron. Perrin sends her north just before the attack on the Shaido in Malden, with the intention of catching up with her afterwards. She is captured by the Children of the Light who return her before Perrin's trial. She finally leaves Perrin's camp to continue serving Morgase when her identity is revealed to everyone.


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