The Brilliant Red Rod is a ter'angreal used by Alviarin Freidhen to summon Mesaana after returning to the White Tower.[1]


The rod is bright red and about the size of a one's forefinger. It is decorated with lines which connect in a continuous pattern. Alviarin keeps it in a knotted wooden box that can only be opened by pushing on a specific four knots simultaneously. It is said that even a hammer can not break this rod. [1]


Alviarin uses saidar to channel hair-thin flows of Fire and Earth at "two of the interconnections." It is assumed that this is done to simulate what were known as "Standing Flows" in the Age of Legends. She then pressed hard on one end of the rod with her thumb in order to activate it.

Alviarin used the rod to contact Mesaana and let her know that Alviarin wished to speak to her. It is assumed that Mesaana owns a partner ter'angreal to this one.


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