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EWoT: Bruan

Biographical information
Nationality Aiel
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Heavy
Eye color Gray
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TSR 49
First appeared TFOH 2
Last appeared TOM 49
Affiliation Car'a'carn
Occupation Clan chief

Bruan is the clan chief of the Nakai Aiel.


He is massively built and strong, with gray eyes.


He has a placid nature. An excellent fighter and tactician, he wholeheartedly believes in the Car'a'carn, Rand al'Thor.


His clan is the sixth to arrive at Rhuidean where he waits for all the rest of the clans to gather there.[1]

He leads his Aiel clan when he is sent to the Plains of Maredo when Rand gathers a massive army in preparation for the attack on Illian.

Possible future Edit

In Aviendha's vision of the future in Rhuidean, Bruan survives the Last Battle and is part of the war committee that decides the Aiel will go to war with the Seanchan.


  1. The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2

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