EWoT: Bukama Marenellin

Bukama Marenellin
Bukama Marenellin
Biographical information
Nationality Malkier
Date of death 979 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair color Gray, shoulder length
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
First appeared NS 1
Last appeared NS 25
Last mentioned TOM 42
Affiliation Lan Mandragoran
Occupation Soldier
Rank Armsman

Bukama Marenellin (pronounced: boo-KAH-mah) was a high ranking officer of Malkier. Bukama was a member of al'Akir Mandragoran's bodyguard and continued to serve Lan Mandragoran. He is remembered as the hero of Salmarna in the Borderlands.

Appearance Edit

Bukama was almost as tall as Lan. He had blue eyes and gray shoulder length hair in later life. He was also said to be broad and to look bluff.[1]

History Edit

Bukama was a soldier for Malkier. In 953 NE he was one of the soldiers tasked by al'Akir to take his son Lan to Fal Moran. Bukama had Lan strapped to his back throughout the journey. He was one of five of the twenty bodyguards to survive this journey.[2] He then set about training Lan to fight and how to survive in the Blight with the remaining bodyguards. He was the last survivor of the bodyguards.[1] He continued to honor Malkieri traditions and customs including giving Lan his hadori. He was also seen to be disparaging to the Malkieri who assimilated themselves into the other Borderland cultures.

When Lan led troops south during the Aiel War, Bukama accompanied him and was used as a scout. After the Aiel retreat, Bukama and Lan traveled around the southlands so as to take a break from their solitary battle with the Blight.[3] After arriving back in the Borderlands they first reached Canluum[4]; while traveling from there to Chachin they met Moiraine Damodred on the road and accompanied her.[5] The travels proved eventful with brigands and assassins impeding their progress.[6]

After arriving in Chachin, Lan used Bukarma to spy upon Merean Redhill for Moiraine. While spying on Merean he was killed by Ryne Venamar.[7] After Lan discovered his body he agreed to become Moiraine's Warder.[8]


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