Cadin'sor is the "uniform" of Aiel warrior societies. The cadin'sor, worn by all Aiel men and by all Maidens of the Spear, is an adaptation of the ancient Da'shain working clothes. The word cadin'sor roughly translates to "working clothes" in the Old Tongue.

The cadin'sor includes a coat and loose breeches made in cloth of gray and brown tones to blend in with the environment of the Waste. Since the arrival of the Aiel in the wetlands, green tones have been added to fit the much greener environment. The Aiel have added soft, laced knee-high boots practical for desert wear, as well as a shoufa, a scarf-like garment that is wrapped around the head and neck, leaving only the face bare. When preparing to kill, they pull the attached black veils on the shoufa over the nose and mouth as well, veiling the face according to tradition.

The differences between the garb of a warrior and a craftsman is very subtle. Often a smaller belt knife, or even none at all, would mark a craftsman. The cut of the cadin'sor is also distinctive. Differences in the design denote clan, sept, and society. This, however, is difficult for non-Aiel to see.