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EWoT: Caiden

White Tower Sigil
Biographical information
Nationality Domani
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Plump
Chronological and political information
First appeared KOD 13
Last appeared KOD 13
Affiliation The Kin

Caiden is a woman from the Kin.

History Edit

She is from Arad Doman.

Caiden is very weak in the One Power, she is not strong enough to become Accepted.[1] So below level 46(34).

Appearance Edit

She is plumply pretty.

Activities Edit

She Travels with the rest of the Kin from Ebou Dar to Caemlyn.

She helps Elayne Trakand in Caemlyn by linking with other Kinswomen and creating Gateways for troops to Travel through, when the walls are attacked by Arymilla Marne's men.


  1. Knife of Dreams, Chapter 13

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