An overhead map shows the Cairhienin love for straight lines.

Topless Towers

The Topless Towers over the city of Cairhien.

Cairhien is the capital of the kingdom of the same name. A large, square-shaped city, it is located on the banks of the River Alguenya just south of its junction with the Gaelin.

Gates of the City

The north gate of the city is known as the Jangai Gate and the east gate of the city is known as the Dragonwall Gate.[1] Much of the poorer citizens live outside the gates in small gate towns.



The city of Cairhien may be based on Caerleon, an important city in Arthurian lore. Many of its architectural features, such as the topless towers, are reminiscent of medieval Bologna (Italy), which had more than 180 towers of up to 100m tall.[2]


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