A callbox.

A callbox is a ter'angreal, a few copies of which exist.


A callbox is a small, gray cube that is carved with intricate patterns that seem to have no end.


Using saidar to channel Fire into a callbox causes the ter'angreal to draw in the other powers, as well as saidin. In this way, a male channeler can sense the callbox and hear and speak through it.[1]

Known callboxesEdit

A callbox was given to Sevanna by Sammael, using the alias of Caddar, in Kinslayer's Dagger.[2] Sevanna had Someryn use the callbox to summon Sammael.

Morindin commented to himself, stating 'It was wonderful what you could learn with a callbox, especially in a world where there seemed to be only two others."

See also: brilliant red rod


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