EWoT: Caseille Raskovni

Arafel Flag
Caseille Raskovni
Biographical information
Nationality Arafellin
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Lean
Chronological and political information
First appeared WH 7
Last appeared KOD 35
Affiliation Queen's Guard
Occupation Soldier
Rank Lieutenant

Caseille Raskovni is a lieutenant in the Queen's Guards.

Appearance Edit

She is lean with bells in her hair.


She is from Arafel.

Activities Edit

She is one of the Queens's Guards placed as a bodyguard when Elayne Trakand moves through Caemlyn to greet the people. She comes to argue with Elayne about having a group of bodyguard around her when she goes to meet with the Borderlander Rulers. Birgitte Silverbow sends her away without any luck.

She is part of Elayne's bodyguard, when Elayne does her tour around Andor visiting all the minor Houses.

She leads the Bodyguards in the rescue attempt of Elayne from the Black Ajah. She escorts Elayne to her meeting with the neutral High Seats.

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