Cat Crosses the Courtyard
First mentioned or used
The Great Hunt, Chapter 8
Mentioned or used by
Lan Mandragoran, Rand al'Thor, Eamon Valda, Galadedrid Damodred
For other similarly named sword forms, see Cat Dances on the Wall and Cat on Hot Sand.

Cat Crosses the Courtyard is not so much a sword form but a method of movement.


Cat Crosses the Courtyard is a way of carrying oneself which maximizes alertness and reaction potential. The blademaster lets his body hang relaxed, spine straight, as though suspended by a line. It affects a self-assured manner and projects confidence, but could also be described as a relaxed, almost arrogant saunter.[1]

In practiceEdit

Lan Mandragoran instructs Rand al'Thor to assume this walk during his first meeting Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat.[1] Rand later dropped into this walk while talking with Lord Barthanes Damodred at his estate.[2] Eamon Valda sauntered into the dueling ground with this walk after being challenged by Galadedrid Damodred.[3]


The real-world parallel appears in many traditional martial arts where students are taught to move with the spine straight in order to maintain balance and body structure while staying fluid and relaxed. The Japanese kensei, Miyamoto Musashi wrote in The Book of Five Rings, "make your everyday walk your warrior's walk" as a sly reference to this kind of training.


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