EWoT: Cenn Buie

Cenn Buie
Cenn Buie
Biographical information
Nationality Andoran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared TEOTW Ravens
Last appeared LOC Prologue
Last mentioned AMOL 1
Affiliation Two Rivers
Occupation Thatcher
Title Village Councilor
"There's worse to come, you mark my words."
   —Cenn Buie

Cenn Buie is a thatcher who lives in Emond's Field. He is known for griping about everything, and sometimes neglects his duties to complain. He sits on the Village Council.[1]

Appearance Edit

A dark, gnarled, beady-eyed man. In 998 NE he was the oldest villager living in Emond's Field, though he was not yet ninety years of age.[2]

Activities Edit

He is part of the Village council, which is in session when Padan Fain arrives.

After the Trollocs first attack Emond's Field, he confronts Moiraine Damodred with a crowd behind him, demanding she leave at once.[3]

When Perrin return to confront the Whitecloaks he notices Perrin in the stable yard. Marin convinces him to keep quiet about Perrin.[4]

He complains so often that Perrin wishes anyone but him would be the village council representative at meetings during the defense of Emond's Field.[5]

He helps defend Emond's Field against the invading Trollocs.


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