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The Chair of Remorse is a ter'angreal kept in the second basement of the White Tower.


The Chair is a rectangular, marble-gray block that is as hard as steel, except for the top which molds itself around the person seated upon it. There is a small hole on one side filled with tiny, unevenly spaced notches.


Channeling into the hole on the side forces the person seated on the Chair to experience possible consequences of their crimes, and can be used to both torture and punish.

Present DayEdit

Five Sitters of the Hall, Seaine Herimon, Saerin Asnobar, Doesine Alwain, Yukiri, and Pevara Tazanovni use the Chair of Remorse to force Talene Minly to reveal that she is Black Ajah. Talene accuses Elaida as well.

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