EWoT: Chenda

Biographical information
Nationality Aiel
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TSR 23
Last mentioned TSR 23
Occupation Roofmistress
Sept Jenda
Chenda is the Roofmistress of the Mainde Cut Hold of the Jenda sept.

Activities Edit

A young Haido Water Seeker is forced to take Chenda as gai'shain because he pushed her aside during a raid while she was holding a carving knife. Before a year and a day is passed, he ends up taking one of Chenda's daughters as a wife, meaning that his mother-in-law was still in service to him. In an effort to remedy this situation, he tried to give his mother-in-law to his wife as a wedding gift, yet both of the women involved claimed he was trying to rob them of honor. He almost had to take his own wife as gai'shain to keep his own honor intact.

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