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Clans are groupings of people used by the Aiel and the Atha'an Miere, much like the noble houses of the Westlands.


The Aiel clans are each led by a clan chief, who is marked on his left forearm with a Dragon tattoo from his trip to the Glass columns in Rhuidean. Clans are divided into septs. Both clans and septs have holds in the Aiel Waste. Clan chiefs are not like wetlander kings and nobles; while there are formalities, any Aiel can speak to their clan chief.

Atha'an MiereEdit

The Atha'an Miere clans are each led by a Wavemistress, who is also the Sailmistress of her own ship. Wavemistresses appoint their Cargomaster to become the Swordmaster of the clan, who directs the trade and defense for the clan.

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