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Coming Home From Tarwin's Gap is played by Rand al'Thor for the Grinwell family. [1]

It is also sung by the Two Rivers men when Perrin Aybara leads them to Emond's Field. [2]


My home is waiting there for me,
and the girl I left behind.
Of all the treasure that waits for me,
that’s what I want to find.

Her eyes so merry, and her smile so sweet,
her hugs so warm, and her ankle neat,
her kisses hot, now there’s a treat.
If there’s a treasure greater, it lies not in my mind.

Oh, I have seen stark Tarwin’s Gap,
and the Trollocs’ raving horde.
I have stood ‘fore the Halfman’s charge,
and walked on death’s cold borde.
But a winsome lass, she waits for me,
for a dance, and a kiss ‘neath the apple tree . . .[2]


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