Common Chant is undoubtedly the least used form among professional entertainers such as gleemen and bards. Most often, stories in Common Chant are fictional accounts of a supposed character in history told from one commoner to another. Some of these stories are roughly based on true events, but, having been passed down from generation to generation and spread prominently through word of mouth, have changed significantly over time (written Common Chant is very rare).

Common Chant is the lowest tier of speech, under Plain and High Chant, and can be thought of as a day to day type of speaking akin to slang. In Common, stories are told like you would speak to a friend or neighbor, or like modern English. It is an unstylized form of language, and the stories of the land are most often only told this way in small towns or the roughest taverns or inns. Most bards and gleemen show open disgust at being asked to perform with such an unartistic medium.

Due to the prime audience exposed to Common being farmers, commoners and other lower class citizens the topics of such stories infrequently deal with epic legends. They most often focus on topics the listeners are familiar with, such as farming, short distance traveling, simple trading and local festivals, with the epic tales such as the Hunt for the Horn being told in High Chant or at the very least Plain. They are often comical in nature, and almost never mention politics, drama and other serious topics. Some areas and cities are more apt to spread vulgar stories and jokes while others avoid them, telling stories of a more anecdotal and clever nature. Having originated in one form, spread by traders and travelers and further developed to reflect the morals and personalities found in each given location, these differences are often found as variations of the same story.

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