The Corenne (meaning "the Return" in the Old Tongue) is the name given by the Seanchan both to the fleet of thousands of ships and to hundreds of thousands of soldiers, craftsmen and others carried by those ships, who came behind the Forerunners to reclaim the lands stolen from Artur Hawkwing's descendants. The Corenne is led by Captain-General Lunal Galgan.

Soon after the Hailene came to the Westlands, the nation of Tarabon was occupied. A new king swore loyalty to the Seanchan Empress in Seandar. After the conquest of Tarabon, Amador and the whole of Amadicia was occupied by the Seanchan invaders. King Ailron was killed in the Battle of Jeramel.

At the same time a Seanchan invasion force landed in Ebou Dar, the capital of Altara. Their march to the north was stopped by the Dragon Reborn and his Asha'man forces.

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