EWoT: Corin Ayellin

Corin Ayellin
Biographical information
Nationality Andoran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Slim
Hair color Gray
Chronological and political information
First appeared TEOTW Ravens
Last appeared TEOTW Ravens
Last mentioned TFOH 55
Affiliation Two Rivers
For others with the same surname, see Ayellin.

Corin Ayellin is an Emond's Field resident.


She is a slim woman with a gray braid that goes to her waist.


When Nynaeve al'Meara was sixteen, Nela Thane dared her to steal a plum pudding from Mistress Ayellin. When Mistress Ayellin caught her, she gave Nynaeve a "whipping."[1] When the men are shearing sheep, she helps bring them food. She is thought of as being one of the best cooks in Emond's Field, her specialty being sweets.[2]


Mistress Ayellin had a fever that Nynaeve was tending.[3] During Nynaeve's testing for Accepted, she saw Mistress Ayellin as part of the Women's Circle.[4] When Cenn Buie does a poor job on the thatching on her house, she tries to get him to fix it.[5]


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