A corlm and its nest.

Corlm are animals from the Seanchan continent. They appear as hairy, flightless birds, their fur usually gray, black, or brown in color. Corlm can grow up to eight feet tall, with long necks and a double crest on their heads which function as their ears. At maturity they can weigh as much as three hundred pounds. Their fur comes striped or mottled, resembling the pelts of some house cats. Their beak is long, hooked like a bird of prey, and seems oversized for the oblong head. Unlike the torm, their eyes sit on the side of the head, and there are only two of them. They have powerful, four-toed short-clawed hind feet and short forearms they hold close to the body. The forearms generally are not used for anything other than nest building and feeding.

Corlm are carnivores and make extremely efficient predators, able to track down prey using both smell and hearing. To attack, a corlm will use its long beak, which is similar to that of a bird of prey, and is used for killing. They are fast sprinters, able to outrun a man in a short sprint, and can match a man over long distances.


Painting by Todd Cameron Hamilton

The birds respond to both words and whistles from their handlers, called morat'corlm and der'morat'corlm, the "der" meaning "master." When in their own environment, the corlm do not tolerate each other very well, and prefer solitude except during mating season. The creatures will lay only one egg at a time, and not all hatch, so breeding them takes time.[1]

Corlm are used by the Seanchan as trackers because of their keen ability to hunt and their speed.


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